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Oracle Certified Specialist

Smiths Medical ICU Medical

Smiths Medical developed a global B2B experience strategy that focused on their customers – the hospitals, caregivers facilities, clinicians, and distributors.  Managing healthcare with precise instrumentation is critical to a patient’s health and can be fatal if hospitals are not using top-of-the-line equipment.  Their devices are leveraged from the emergency room to the operating room to intensive care through follow-ups and checkups.  This dynamic introduces significant complexities to manage different aspects of each relationship – who can ask questions, where questions are asked, who we can provide answers to, and what details can be accessed and shared with each person in that value chain of a relationship. Craig leads the MIT team across Smiths Medical’s global customer service and technical support operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.  He designed the robust capabilities of Oracle Service Cloud (OSVC), embedded with guided assistance, to build the future vision of support operations through a global Omni-channel solution supporting the complexities of each relationship Smiths Medical has to manage.
  • Designed and implemented Oracle Service Cloud agent desktop for when phone calls received from a hospital, an email is sent from a physician, or a web self-service request is submitted from a distributor, the Oracle Service Cloud solution is configured to accept any inbound request – across channels – or through the Smiths EDI framework – to begin tracking the inquiry.
  • Craig architected the sophistication of Smiths Medical’s operations for customer service and technical support for several integrations to enable any interaction.  Upon receiving an inquiry, Oracle Service Cloud integrates with the Master Data sources to verify the contact information and identification, then integrates with Oracle EBS to pull back vital information about the customer record, their medical device details, and other products the customer may have from third party manufactures.
  • Craig designed and developed the Oracle Service Cloud solution to integrate through an Informatica ETL application to aggregate additional information provided by the sales force, which may be relevant to the customer request – such as open orders, customer activities that are not completed, or appointments that are scheduled for follow up.  Oracle Service Cloud transfers this data back and forth with Oracle EBS then through Informatica and provides the Smiths Medical support personnel a view into sales information.
  • Should a device or part of a device need to be returned, Craig designed and helped develop Oracle Service Cloud to facilitate the Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) with Oracle EBS and assure the product is still under warranty, inventory is managed and depleted, and shipping of the products is tracked accordingly.
  • Craig implemented the RMA process to be facilitated through a Distributor Portal using Oracle Service Cloud’s customer portal, through a phone call, and soon to be through the OSVC Portal.
  • As the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European, Asian, and South American government entities heavily regulate Life Science organizations like Smiths Medical, the company needed a sophisticated yet straightforward way to manage the ever-changing rules and regulations that currently exist in hundreds of pages of three-ring binders, and on company intranet sites.  Agents would refer to each binder or folder to reference how to handle questions regarding what’s commonly referred to as a ‘reportable event’ or ‘adverse event’ in the Life Sciences industry.  Using Oracle Service Cloud, Craig configured the solution to allow for an Incident to be created and manage the interaction intake details, then embedded guides within the OSVC desktop. The support personnel would follow a series of questions, uniquely driven by their answers.  This allows Smiths Medical to simplify the changes in regulations across each part of the world they operate in and decrease the time agents spend in training learning how to handle customer inquiries.  These ‘reportable events’ are now automated through the OSVC configuration and aligned to OSVC Knowledge Articles to be presented on the agent desktop when further details are needed to answer inquires.
  • Once Smiths Medical customer service and technical support personnel complete their intake process, any ‘reportable event’ is sent to Oracle EBS and a proprietary solution for Quality Assurance.  Craig has integrated the complete solution with Oracle Service Cloud as the new foundation of the customer and technical support and automated the entire intake process with Oracle EBS, Smiths Medical sales tool, and their Quality Management solution.  This integrated solution drives down the ‘kickbacks’ from Quality Assurance (QA).  In the past, the often-detailed information Quality Assurance required was not adequately captured by customer service and technical support.
  • Craig designed Oracle Service Cloud to guide the agent along the intake process and automate the intake process. The level of detail is presented to the agent when they need to capture each request.  The room for human error is minimized, and the time it takes to process a request is significantly reduced and reported on.
  • Craig extended the capabilities supported through the OSVC desktop to create a Customer and Distributor Portal.  With the ability to configure Oracle Service Cloud customer interaction details once, then expose those questions to the right audience, the Oracle Service Cloud solution can provide web self-service capabilities across each type of customer relationship in a manner not previously experienced by Smiths Medical.  The administration of the FDA and other global government rules, coupled with simplifying managing those rules, allows the organization to extend support through each portal channel.