Strategic Software Consultant

I'm the partner of choice for many of the world's leading enterprises. I help businesses elevate their value through solution discovery, software development, design, QA, and consultancy services. As your Strategic Software Consultant, I work across many technology products and delivery teams. The scope of technology is broad, and it is my job to understand how your technology applications holistically support and connect to create a sustainable technology ecosystem. The ecosystem of technologies may span to 3rd party applications, in-house developed solutions, business intelligence, data integrations, and of course, SaaS applications.

Oracle Certified Specialist


Dexcom, Inc. is a medical device manufacturer transforming diabetes care and management by providing superior continuous glucose monitoring technology to help patients, and healthcare professionals better manage diabetes. Since their inception, they have focused on better outcomes for patients, caregivers, and clinicians by delivering best-in-class solutions around the globe. Dexcom set out to develop not only a B2C but also a B2B experience strategy that focused on their customers – the patient, and a patient’s caregivers, their clinicians, and their distributors. Managing a disease, especially diabetes, is critical to the health of a patient and can be fatal if patients are not aware of their glucose levels. Their device is fixated on a patient’s person and provides updates of their glucose levels and any caregiver, loved one, and clinician authorized to monitor a patient’s health. This dynamic introduced significant complexities in managing each relationship’s different aspects – who can ask questions, who we can provide answers to, and what details can be accessed and shared with each person in that relationship. Craig implemented robust capabilities of Oracle B2C Service (Service Cloud), embedded with Oracle Intelligent Advisor (OPA). Craig leads a team to show the future vision of support operations through an Omni-channel solution supporting the complexities of each relationship Dexcom has to manage.

Dexcom – North America

  • Craig led the Phase 1 solution design, development, testing, and deployment of the Oracle B2B Service CRM to become an FDA validated front-end application for the Dexcom technical support team to intake customer complaints and inquiries.
  • The solution included:
    • He designed, authored, and developed complex Oracle Intelligent Advisor interviews using business rules, modeling, testing, and debugging. Craig designed OIA interview extensions to customize OIA beyond its standard functionality to meet all business requirements.
    • He orchestrates bi-directional integrations with Oracle B2B Service, Oracle Intelligent Advisor, Oracle EBS, SalesForce, and Agile to send and receive customer data and service details.
    • Extending the Oracle Intelligent Advisor console application with C# add-ins to send and receive customer orders directly to Oracle EBS.
  • Craig continues to support Dexcom as a solution architect for quarterly project enhancements and managed services support.

Dexcom – EMEA

  • Building on the success of the North America project, Dexcom hired MIT to develop their customer experience solution for their technical team supporting EMEA. Dexcom requested Craig to lead the discovery sessions and designed a solution using the next generation of Oracle Intelligent Advisor and Oracle B2B Service.
  • Craig designed the solution to use Oracle Service Cloud’s new browser agent user interface with the latest release of Oracle Intelligent Advisor. This solution allowed agents to work in an OS-agnostic environment.
  • The overall solution included:
    • Design (BUI) add-ins to extend the standard capabilities of Oracle B2B Service browser-user-interface.
    • Develop Oracle B2B Service customer process models (CPMs) to integrate with Kafka, Dell Boomi, Oracle EBS, ETQ Reliance, and SalesForce.
    • Design custom OIA interview extensions to extend the capability of Oracle Intelligent Advisor.
  • The implementation timeline mandated by Dexcom required the project to be implemented in less than three months. Craig could meet this deadline, stay within budget, and deliver stable solutions.
  • Craig continues to support Dexcom as a solution architect for quarterly project enhancements and managed services support.